$100,000,000 For Trump's College Transcripts, Poof of Citizenship and His Income Tax Returns
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2017-08-11 11:43:08 UTC
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He lies all of the time, how do we really know that any of it
is true.

The low brow blue state huckster from Queens may have duped all
the southern rubes, but intelligent people of the world have
seen through that flabby old fool's scams.

Questions linger about Trump's academic record at Wharton

The debate about Trump's academic record was renewed this week,
when the Daily Pennsylvanian posted a story that included the
1968 documents and quoted alumni who offered varied accounts of
Trump's academic abilities.

Questions about his record have been lingering since the 1980s,
when both the New York Times and New York magazine published
stories refuting the first-in-class claim. Trump has declined
to release his transcripts or other records. Penn does not
release that information for individual students.

Trump, who has frequently bashed the media during his campaign
and first weeks in office, including at a Thursday press
conference, has never called out the Times or other news
organizations for the potentially erroneous reports that he
graduated at the top of his class.

In various recent news reports, Penn alumni from the late 1960s
have recalled that Trump, the university's first alum to win
the White House, was relatively unremarkable on campus.

Beyond the controversy over his academic records, Trump's
relationship with his alma mater has been somewhat contentious.

During the presidential campaign, hundreds of alumni and
students signed a letter rebuking Trump's "xenophobia, sexism,
racism, and other forms of bigotry." There was little
enthusiasm on campus for his election victory. The school has
declared itself a "sanctuary campus" and says it will not
cooperate with federal immigration authorities without a
2017-08-11 14:38:10 UTC
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Post by Skraeling
intelligent people of the world have
seen through that flabby old fool's scams.
Handily lets YOU out, shitbag.

Die soon.