What Did You Watch? 2018-04-08 (Sunday)
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2018-04-09 12:23:47 UTC
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I watched:

KILLING EVE: The first episode of this new BBCAmerica series about a
prolific hitman (Jodie Comer, DOCTOR FOSTER) and a British agent (Sandra
Oh, GREY'S ANATOMY) who tries to stop her. The hitman is supposed to be
good at her job, yet she leave eye witnesses to every crime and also
leaves fingerprints at at least one scene. The British Agents is not
yet an agent in episode #1, but is looking to move up from police cases
to more international crime fighting work. This first episode was
infused with quite a bit of humor, which makes sense given the show's
executive producer (Phoebe Waller-Bridge, FLEABAG and CRASHING).

OKKUPERT (OCCUPIED): The first 4 episodes of season #2 of this near
future history look into the Russian invasion of Norway in order to
seize oil assets. The season premiere features some redhead naked
nudity, just to trick viewers into thinking that this might be the norm
instead of a special premiere hook. The cast is a mix of evil Russian
politicians, evil Russian Oligarch types, evil Norway traitors helping
the Russians, evil Norway terrorist trying to stop the Russians, and
maybe even a few characters who aren't evil, but might be forced to do
evil things.

episode stand up comedy series. This was the funniest of the four (but
you have to watch the other 3 first to get all the jokes) as it covers
bread research (including a second round with gluten-free options), his
plan for an all you can eat ice cream business, the life of a duck, and
lots more great call-back humor. The ending even hints that you should
start at the beginning and watch all these a second time...and that is a
good point.

SMALL CRIMES: A 2017 crime caper film about an ex-cop who gets out of
jail after 6 years and want to resume a normal life. Of course, his
idea of normal isn't normal anyway...and gets even more complicated by
his past co-workers and his family having their own ideas about what he
should do with his life. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (GAME OF THRONES) stars
along with a strong supporting cast including Robert Forster (TWIN
CARDS, LOST IN SPACE), and Gary Cole (VEEP).

What did you watch?
Ian J. Ball
2018-04-09 14:01:29 UTC
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Post by Obveeus
What did you watch?
On a day I had to run a review session for work, which means I couldn't
watch the end of the Masters, I didn't watch much:

Famous in Love (recorded) - The second season premiere (ep's #2.1 & 2.2).
On some level, I feel like this show has changed somehow - maybe
it's that Paige isn't a wide-eyed outsideer anymore; and Alexis'
reality show certainly doesn't help - but actually I think it may be
exactly the same.
It's 2 months after the season #1 finale (so, the "flashforward to
the ending" at the beginning of season #1 ended up making no sense
afterall!!), and we learn that Paige chose that jealous, self-righteous
asshole Jake over that manipulative addict asshole Rainer (Paige really
couldn't "win" this "lottery", huh?...), and is working with Cassie on
Jake's indie movie... and I yawn. Rainer, meanwhile, is in rehab where
he's hooking up with a totally hott(!) former child star (played by
"The Original's" Danielle Campbell, who looks to be a recurring
character, and she's lost weight and looks great!!), and is refusing to
talk to his EVOL!!1! producer mommy Nina (Perrey Reeves). Apparently
Tangy's album tanked. Jordan is in the Oscar hunt. And Alexis has the
reality show.
The fate of "Locked", which has suspended production for Rainer's
rehab, hangs in the balance. In the end, Rainer mans up and saves
"Locked" (which means Paige is off Jake's picture). But after Alexis
clashes with Nina, Alexis decides to stab Tangy in the back, and reveal
Nina's affair with Jordan on her show.
P.S. "Famout in Love" looks to be tanking in the ratings, so I'd say
there's pretty much no shot for a season #3 of this one.

Twin Betrayal (Lifetime) - I enjoyed this. It was actually a pretty
decent "noir" (for Lifetime). Jen Lilley plays the dual role of a
"good" twin, and her EVOL!!1! twin sister who sets her up for the
murder of their father.
This starts kind of weird though, as the EVOL!!1! twin doesn't show
up for a good while in the flick...
Anyway, it did feel like they "ran out of time" at the end of this
movie, and needed another 10 minutes to do the ending right. But one
minute, the "good" twin believes her best friend is in on the
conspiracy, and the next minute she's using her to set up a "sting".
Huh?! How did we get from Point A to Point B in just 2 scenes?!!
Anyway, I still enjoyed this - it was fun noir-ish silliness. :)

Recorded for later: The Arrangement, and Timeless.
"Three light sabers? Is that overkill? Or just the right amount
of "kill"?" - M-OC, "A Perilous Rescue" (ep. #2.9), LSW:TFA (08-10-2017)