The Nike / Kaepernick campaign? It's a total scam and punch in the face for women.
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A la mode
2018-09-14 08:17:11 UTC
Remember #MeToo?

This is #FuckYouMeToo, Nike style.

Nike just got accused of wage discrimination in August 2018 by
former women employees.

Big negative in the age of the #MeToo idiocy. Bad PR, hurts the
bottom line, runs for months. Icky, like dog poop on your shoe
in flea infested California stores. Yuck.

Nike just proved they are smarter than women and why women don't
deserve equal treatment.

Women are ruled by emotion not logic. Some of them are just
plain non-thinking stupid.

They aren't alone. Left wing Democrat men think like women.
Nike got them too.

Nike kicked off the Kaepernick ad campaign in September. As the
wage story began hitting the airwaves, it was brilliantly
upstaged by an ad campaign disguised for the start of the NFL
season, obscuring and taking away the sun for the negative press
about women and wages.

That's an old homosexual marriage agenda trick.

Nike used it to perfection against the women suing them, and
boneheaded liberal journalists - because not a single one of
them recognized it.

Women are fighting each other trying to climb aboard the
Kaepernick bandwagon and throwing themselves under the speeding
bus wheels in the process.

That's stupidity.

That is exactly why women do not deserve equal compensation.

They don't recognize when they're being had.
2018-09-14 14:02:30 UTC
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