Democrat poodle puddle Peter Strzok sues FBI over firing, alleges bureau caved to Trump's 'unrelenting pressure'
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Save America - Ban Democrats
2019-08-12 09:40:48 UTC
Peter Strzok, the former FBI agent who wrote unflattering text
messages about President Trump while investigating the Trump
campaign’s alleged ties to Russia, has filed a lawsuit against the
bureau and the Justice Department – arguing that the FBI caved to the
“unrelenting pressure” of the president when it fired him.

“While many in law enforcement have faced attacks by this president,
Pete Strzok has been a constant target for two years,” Aitan Goelman,
a partner with Zuckerman Spaeder LLP and one of Strzok’s lawyers, said
in a statement. “It’s indisputable that his termination was a result
of President Trump’s unrelenting retaliatory campaign of false
information, attacks and direct appeals to top officials.”

Goelman added: “The lawsuit shows that, in bowing to the president’s
desires, FBI leaders trampled Pete’s free speech and due process
rights in ways that should be deeply troubling to all in government,
and indeed, to all Americans.”

The complaint, which names as defendants Attorney General William Barr
and FBI Director Chris Wray, revisits a political drama that was
seized on by conservative critics of then-Special Counsel Robert
Mueller's Russia investigation as proof that the bureau was biased
against Trump. Multiple investigations are underway examining whether
the FBI acted properly during the Russia investigation, and Strzok
remains a target of Trump's scornful tweets.

Representatives of the FBI did not immediately respond to Fox News’
request for comment.

The suit provides new details about the circumstances of Strzok's
firing and amounts to the latest defense of his reputation, coming
months after a fiery congressional hearing in which he insisted that
his personal views never influenced his work.

Strzok, a veteran counterintelligence agent who also helped lead FBI
investigations into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server,
was removed from Mueller's team after the texts with FBI lawyer Lisa
Page came to light. He was fired from the FBI last August.

Many of the texts, on FBI cell phones, were bitingly critical of Trump
during his 2016 run for office. They were found by the Justice
Department's inspector general during its investigation of the FBI's
Clinton email probe.

The watchdog office criticized both Strzok and Page, with whom he was
having an affair, for their judgment in sending the messages but did
not find that the Clinton email investigation was compromised by
political bias.

In the lawsuit, Strzok's attorney said the FBI deputy director who
fired Strzok was responding to "unrelenting pressure from President
Trump and his political allies in Congress and the media."

That deputy, David Bowdich, overruled the recommendation of a
disciplinary official that he be merely demoted and suspended without
pay and denied him the chance to appeal.

Bowdich said at the time that Strzok's "sustained pattern of bad
judgment in the use of an FBI device" for texting called into question
decisions made during the Clinton email investigation and the early
stages of the Russia probe. And the FBI has said that Bowdich, as the
FBI's No. 2 official, had the authority to overrule disciplinary

The complaint says the campaign to fire Strzok included "constant
tweets and other disparaging statements" from Trump, as well as the
president's direct appeals to Wray and Barr's predecessor as attorney
general, Jeff Sessions, to fire Strzok.

The lawsuit says the administration discriminated against his
viewpoint by firing him even though other government officials who
have supported Trump in the workplace have kept their job. It notes
that the White House has not fired counselor Kellyanne Conway despite
the determination that she violated the Hatch Act — a law that limits
political activity by government workers — by disparaging Democratic
presidential candidates while speaking in her official capacity.

"The Trump administration has consistently tolerated and even
encouraged partisan political speech by federal employees, as long as
this speech praises President Trump and attacks his political
adversaries," the complaint contends.

The lawsuit also says the Justice Department set out to smear Strzok's
reputation and humiliate him when it disclosed nearly 400 text
messages he had sent or received.

In the complaint, Strzok also aims to explain some of the texts that
have attracted the most negative attention, including one in which he
told Page "we'll stop" a Trump presidency.

Conservatives interpreted the text as Strzok saying that he would work
to prevent Trump from being elected, but the suit says the message was
actually meant to reassure Page that the American people would not
support a Trump candidacy.

Strzok is a piece of shit regardless of whose cock he was sucking.

jim <""@mwt.net>
2019-08-12 11:34:26 UTC
Post by Save America - Ban Democrats
Conservatives interpreted the text as Strzok saying that he would work
to prevent Trump from being elected, but the suit says the message was
actually meant to reassure Page that the American people would not
support a Trump candidacy.
It does not matter how you interpret the meaning. Strzok's
actions speak for themselves.

The facts show that Strzok had enormous opportunity
and power to derail the Trump campaign but did not use it.
Strzok could have leaked to the press the Steele dossier
or any other dirt on trump he knew of, or he could have revealed
that Trump was being investigated for criminal conspiracy.

Compare that to Comey who twice unethically revealed
that Clinton was under a criminal investigation by the
FBI in the run up to the election.

If the FBI tipped the scales in favor of one candidate
it definitely was Trump who benefited.